Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rarely Happen

Outside the rain poured,Rachel Swan is 23 years old single girl with the broken heart and work as the secretary of Health Minister in Seattle are getting late for work.She usually goes to work by her car,but today her red car was unable to use,she make a decision to sent the car for repair later.Now she was really late,then she walked to the bus stop for waiting the bus,she founded the bus stop was filled with people who waiting for their bus.After a few minute,the bus has arrived and stop to pick up passengers.She sat on the back seat of the bus with the guy who was tall,black hair and wearing an jacket beside her,she thought the guy is about her age,maybe 20 to 25 years old.

Slowly the old amber bus mad its way towards the main road that led to town,the driver stopped the bus at the junction as the light were red,they waited for the light turn green,while they waiting the guy beside Rachel was spoken to her,he introduce himself as Jacob Black or Jake and he says he work as a investigator at Seattle Police Department.Rachel founded Jake was interesting person and also has good looking faces.While they talking,Rachel spoke in her mind that she will never accept anyone to be her lover again,because she has been cheated by her lover a few years ago,however when she spoke to Jake,she realized that she feel comfortable and exited to know about Jake deeply.Suddenly, the bus crushed and began lurched to one side,Rachel literally saw a school children in front of them float up in the air for a split second.The next moment they were all either on the floor of the bus or desperately clinging to their seats,Rachel was one of the former but Jake quickly hold her tight.

For a few second there were pandemonium in the bus,Rachel could here screaming and yelling,she tried to stand up but she founded it difficult,then she realized that the bus was aslant at such an angle that they were almost stacked against the right side of the bus.Then she heard Jake louder voice shouting at everybody to get out,and everybody was scrambled out through all available exit including the windows.Rachel help a few school children to more agile,after all the children left,she climbed the window to get out,but she fail because the window is stuck,then she try another window and still fail,the bus is getting lurched and nobody left except herself,she keep trying harder until she feel tired,then she stopped ,she close her eyes and began to cry.

Suddenly somebody hands shook her shoulders,she open her eyes and saw Jake with her tears,at the moment she felt that she was falling in love with that guy.Jake hold Rachel hand and drive her to go out using an emergency door,they ran quickly and pull the door but it stuck,then Jake trying again with his highest energy,now the door is finally open,Jake hugs Rachel in his chest and quickly jumped to the ground.They stood up on the ground and gaped at the sight before them,the bus was fall into a huge hole,and a huge hole is about 8 metres deep,the right front wheel of the bus was right smack in the hole while the rest of the bus hung precariously at the edge.None of them was badly injured only a few people got a small wound hurt by the sharp glasses.

Jake still hold Rachel left hand when he phone to his office asking some help.After he finish talking he stared at Rachel deeply with his green eyes and asking if she feel painful somewhere.Suddenly Rachel began to crying and huged Jake tight,she says she feel so grateful to Jake who brave to save her when she is stuck in the lurched bus,in her mind she can feel the new and pure love has been grow in her heart.They huged each other for awhile and finally Jake spoke,he began to hold Rachel faces with his big hands and said that he was fallen in love with Rachel at the first time he saw her,so he does not care if he died when he save Rachel,he also said to Rachel that his life is not important anymore if something bad happen to her.

Rachel know her boss was waiting for her at office,so she phone her boss and ask for emergency leave,she feel tired and painful in her body.Everybody has been sent by fireman to the hospital to been checked by the doctors,while Jake sent Rachel to her home by police car.When they she reach at home she take a few hours sleep until the phone ringing awake her,she pick up the phone and hear Jake voice.Jake has asked her to have a dinner ,then they make a date to meet at that night at the coffee shop.Now Rachel feel happy again and hope this new love will be last forever.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Place I Would Like To Visit Most

There are so many beautiful and interesting places in this world,and everyone have their own wish to be in one of the places.There are a few place who interested me,for example Surrey in London of England,Hokaido in Tokyo of Japan,and The Vancouver island in Lower Mainland of British Columbia,Canada.But the place who has interested me most is The Vancouver island.

Vancouver is the coastal city located in The Lower Mainland of British Columbia,Canada,it named by British Captain George Vancouver who explored the area in 1970.Vancouver is well known as an urban centre surrounded by nature,making tourism its second largest industry.It also the third largest film production centre in North America after Los Angeles and New York City and earning the nickname as Hollywood North,for example Twilight movie series has been making in Vancouver.

I used to watch National Geograpic when i have free time,from that television program i can watch the beauty of Vancouver,including of National Geograpic series the vegetation in the Vancouver area was originally temperate rain forest,consisting of conifers with scattered pockets of maple ang alder,and largest areas of swamplan.Many plants trees growing throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland were imported from other parts of the continent and from points across the Pacific.Varios species of palm trees grow in the city,as do large numbers of other exotic trees such as the japanese maple and various flowering exotics,such as magnolias,azaleas,rhododendrons,japanese cherry,horse chestnut and else.

Vancouver's climate is temperate by Canadian standards and is usually classified as Oceanic or Marine west coast.The summer months are typically dry usually in July and August.In contrast,most day during late fall and winter November to March are rainy.Vancouver also has daily minimum temperature below freezing that i adore a most.

That is the reason why i will visit Vancouver if i could,and i am really sure everybody will wish the same after read my essay.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Solar System

We live in the planet Earth.Our planet is one of the nine planets that revolve periodically around the Sun.The nine planets and the Sun make up what we know as a Solar System.

Nearest to the Sun is planet Mercury,Mercury is a tiny planet that is hardly visible to the naked eyes.Further out is Venus,sometimes people called it the Morning Star or the Evening Star.It called that because it is frequently seen in the morning or evening as a very bright object in the sky.

Next comes the Earth.Earth is the only planet in the entire Solar System known to support life,it was because Earth is the only planet who have air also water and human need the both thing to survive,that why Earth is the most suitable planet for human to live.Otherwise,Earth also the most beautiful planets in the Solar System.

The fourth planet from the Sun is Mars.This planet is sometimes visible as reddish object in the night sky.Viewed through a powerful telescope one may even seen some details on the planets surface.

After Mars comes the giant planet Jupiter.It is the largest planet in the Solar System.There are a number of moons orbiting Jupiter,they can be seen through a telescope,also the surface of Jupiter shows a variety of patterns of which a huge red spot is plainly visible.The red spot is said to be many times the size of Earth.

Between Jupiter and Mars,there are exist many small object called asteroids,they are not formally visible but scientists have confirmed they exist as rock.

Next comes the Saturn.It quite a sight to view Saturn through the telescope and see distinctly the multicolours ring it is so famous for.Saturn is not big as Jupiter but it is bigger than the other planets.

Further out we have the Neptune,Uranus and Pluto.Pluto is the smallest of the planets and cant hardly be seen even with powerful telescope.Million of miles separate the planets from each other,this it only recently that human could visit our neighbour planets.So far human has set foot on the nearest planets.

If we looking at the night sky we see literally millions of the stars,the Sun is include as the stars too,so could it be that there are other Solar System too?Perhaps each star has its own solar system,we do not know,maybe one day when we are able to,we may find out.